Black Wing Shooting Center aims to provide the highest quality gunsmithing services with an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. Every problem has a solution and we will strive to find it, with professionalism and unsurpassed attention to detail.

Black Wing uses only the highest quality parts, for our services. Service is the best "part" Black Wing has in stock...guaranteed.


* Black Wing Shooting Center works on and modifies firearms, for recreation and sporting purposes only. All other use of the firearm is the sole responsibility of the owner. Some Black Wing Shooting Center gunsmithing services may void the manufacturer’s warranty.  The customer is responsible for understanding their firearm’s warranty terms and conditions.  Black Wing Shooting Center provides a lifetime warranty on all parts and services we provide.  The owner of the firearm assumes all liability for the intended use of the firearm.  The owner must acknowledge that they are compliant with current local, state, and federal (BATFE) regulations.


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