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Membership FAQ’s


  • What are the advantages to being a member of Black Wing?

Our membership programs allow members to enjoy free shooting days, reduced shooting fees, discounted guest fees, discounted retail purchases and invitations to member-only events.


  • What can I use my membership discount on?  Can I start using the discount the day I purchase my membership?

Your 5% membership discount is good on all retail purchases excluding sale items, consignments, training, and gunsmith services.  It is also good on all firearm transfers, storage locker rentals, firearm rentals, and gun cleaning.  Your member discount starts the day you purchase your membership.


  • Who is covered on my membership? 

Your family is covered on your membership and includes you, your spouse and all children under the age of 21 years. 


  • Can I have a membership card made for my spouse and my children?

Membership cards can be made for spouses and you can indicate that on your membership contract.  We are not able to make cards for children since they must be accompanied by a parent on the ranges.


  • How soon will my membership card be ready?  Do you mail them?

Membership cards are ready within two weeks of the purchase date if not sooner.  We do not mail membership cards but they are available for pick up at the ranges.  All Indoor and Combo Memberships are available at the indoor range counter and all Outdoor, Life and Corporate Memberships are available at the outdoor range counter.


  • What if I want to upgrade to another membership?  Can I do this even if I am not up for renewal?

 Yes, we can upgrade your membership at any time.  Your expiration date will then change to a year from the date that you upgraded.


  • Can I renew or purchase my membership online?

We are not currently able to process memberships online.  Memberships can be processed over the phone at 740-363-7555 or by downloading the application from the Member section of our website and mailing or bringing it in.


  • Do you offer monthly or seasonal memberships?

All of our memberships are annual. 


  • Are we able to reserve range time on the indoor or outdoor ranges?

Members with a Silver membership are able to call ahead and be put in the que, though we are not able to take reservations for specific times. 




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