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  • Can I rent a firearm at BWSC?

Yes, provided you are 21 yrs of age or older and are legally allowed to own a handgun (for shotguns & rifles you must be 18 or older). However, due to company policy we will not rent a handgun to a non-member who comes in alone seeking a rental. Feel free to bring a friend or family member with you to enjoy the shooting sports together.

Rental fees are $10 for the 1st handgun rental ($20 for rifle), $5 for each additional handgun rental, that day, plus the cost of ammo. Since our range guns are provided to us by the manufacturer for range use only, it is part of our agreement with those manufacturers that only ammunition sold here can be used in them. This ensures the integrity of the ammo, as best possible.

**You must be 21 or older to purchase pistol ammo and 18 or older to purchase long gun ammo.

** You must be 21 or older to rent and shoot a fully automatic firearm. 

  • How large of a caliber can I shoot on the indoor range?

         Our indoor ranges will accommodate up to a 460 Weatherby.  

  • Can I shoot a muzzleloader?

No. Due to fire hazard and safety issues we do not allow blackpowder, blackpowder substitutes or smokeless powder muzzleloaders to be shot on our ranges.

  • Can I bring my child with me to shoot on the range?

Yes, if your child is 10 years of age or older and they can physically control the firearm. However, you must supervise your child’s shooting activities, at all times.

  • Can I use my own ammunition on your Indoor Range?

You may use your own ammunition, as long as you are using your firearm and not a rental. However, even if you are using your own firearm, you may not use your own ammunition if it has a steel case or a steel core (if it sticks to a magnet, it is not allowed). Also, you may not use unjacketed lead ammo, tracer rounds, incendiary rounds or armor piercing ammo.

  • Do I need I.D. to shoot on your range?

Yes, you must have a valid photo I.D. or BWSC Member Card in order to go onto the range.

  • Can I shoot a shotgun on the indoor range?

Yes, provided that shotgun has a complete stock and not just a pistol grip stock.

  • What type of ammunition can I use while shooting my shotgun on the indoor range?

Only buckshot or slugs may be fired from shotguns on the indoor range.

  • I am pregnant. Can I shoot on the indoor range?

Sorry, but for health reasons we do not allow ladies who are pregnant, onto the indoor range.

  • I would like to bring my child and their friend out to shoot on the indoor range. What do I need to do?

Each minor (under the age of 18) will need a parent/ guardain to  fill out an electronic minor waiver on their behalf. Your childs friend will need a minor waiver completed by their parent/ guardian, authorizing you as their escort. 

  • Can I shoot my own suppressed firearm or full auto on your range?

Yes, but you must show the proper documentation of ownership (bring a copy of your tax stamp). RSOs may limit this when ranges are very busy.

  • Can I practicing drawing from a holster on the range?

Perhaps. This will be at the RSOs discretion only and will be based on how many people are on the range, as well as the RSO observing you draw from a holster, with a cleared firearm. Please ask the RSO at the range counter.

  • May I bring my own targets to use on the indoor range?

Yes, however they must be regulation targets. The Range Officers reserve the right to prohibit targets that are deemed to be offensive or unsafe. Use the appropriately sized target that is placed at eye level to ensure that the bullets will enter the bullet trap. Rifle and shotgun shooters must use large silhouette targets.

  • Is your indoor range wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Please speak with the Range Officer, on staff, to determine where to place your ammo and firearm.

  • Is there a time limit on the range?

The lane fee you pay to use the range is not based on time. You will pay the same lane fee whether you shoot for 1 hour or 3 hours. However, if the ranges are busy and there is a waiting line, we may limit your range time to 1 hour and put you back in line. While you wait we will provide you a pager so you will be able to enjoy the facility freely. There will be no extra charge to get back onto the range.

  • What time do your Indoor Ranges close?

Ranges close 30 minutes prior to the store's closing hours.


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