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If you prefer private, individualized attention, Black Wing’s professional, experienced staff provides men, women and youth with specialized, one-on-one or small group (2-3 participants - at additional cost) training.

With private firearms training, you have the option to designate the type of firearm you would like to use, as well as the caliber or gauge. We can customize your training for self-defense, target or competitive shooting.

Whether you want to learn how to safely handle a pistol or revolver, learn advanced carry techniques, break more clay targets on the Trap or Skeet fields, or learn about AR-15s  … we will assist you with your training needs.

Private instruction is by appointment only, please call our Training department to schedule your instruction today!

Experience: Never held a gun to the advanced levels
Costs are quoted up-front and are based on skill levels:
Basic firearms training: $75 per person, per hour, $50 per person, per hour for add'l students up to 3 for a total of 4 participants (ammo and targets extra)
Advanced firearms training: $100 per person, per hour (ammo and targets extra); Individuals Only


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For additional information call us at (740) 363-7555 or fill out our online inquiry form.


  • "David, It was great to meet you also. Angela and I were so exhilarated from the experience today. We both felt so empowered! You are such a good instructor and very patience, you made is such a positive experience and explained so much. We both felt we really lucked out having contacted you. Angela travels a lot for her job but i know she wants to pursue this. I also do. I knew nothing about guns and had a huge fear of them, for more years than I care to tell you. I had someone take their life with a gun to the temple and ignorance overtook me in so far as guns go. You took the fear away "~ Robin & Angela
  • "David, Just wanted to update you. When I got back to SC, I had another private lesson. Kudos to you for all the good things you taught us. Been shooting weekly and taking different classes and shooting a variety of handguns. Got my first gun today, a glock 17 and I love it! ( first of many I predict) Thank you for the wonderful teaching, training, patience and excitement you shared and passed on to me. My great fear of guns for over 35 years is gone and replaced with respect for them and empowered me! Thank you so much! "~ Robin Gann