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  • Do I need to pre-pay for my training class?

Yes. All of our training courses require payment in full, in order for your name to be put on the class roster. Exception: If you are paying with a Training Gift Certificate (not a gift card), you will need to bring that with you on the day of the course and present it to the instructor, at the beginning of class.

  • Do you offer private instruction?

Yes, private instruction is available by appointment only. The cost for basic private instruction is $75 per hour/per person plus the cost of targets and ammunition. Advanced private instruction runs at $100 per hour/per person plus the cost of targets and ammunition. If you are seeking private instruction for a small group, please contact our Training Dept for pricing.

  • I have never shot a firearm before and am interested in learning how to shoot. What course should I take?

If you are interested in learning about handguns you can take our Beginning Handgun Clinic. This course is taught on .22 caliber semi-auto pistols. It is run several times a month. Everything you need is provided for you. Cost of the course is $75.

If you are interested in learning about shotguns you can take our Beginning Shotgun Clinic. This course is run on most Saturdays (until winter) from 10a-12:30p. Everything you need is provided for you. Cost of the course is $75.

You may also be interested in scheduling a private instruction. PIs are available by appt only but you can dictate what you would like to learn specifically and also what gauge or caliber you would like to use. Cost of basic private instruction is $75 per hour/ per person, plus the cost of targets & ammo.

Private instruction is also available for rifle training, since we do not offer group classes in that area.

  • How long is your CCW course?

Our Ohio CCW course runs 12 ½ hours long. State law requires 10 classroom hours and 2 hours spent on the range. Cost of the course is $175 per person and includes everything you need for the course. We will even provide your ammunition (.22LR, 38 SPL, 380ACP, 9MM, 40SW & 45ACP only. Other calibers not included). Please do NOT bring ammo into the classroom.

  • Do you offer Archery training?

Yes. Archery training is taught through private instruction at $75 per hour/per person. You may bring your own bow or use ours. Private instruction is available through appointment only.

  • I can’t make it to my scheduled CCW course tomorrow. Can I reschedule for a different course date?

Yes, however if you reschedule your scheduled course date within 3 days of your course, you will be charged a $50 rescheduling fee. Our Ohio CCW course is in high demand and we have students on a standby list. When someone reschedules during those last few days, it is hard for someone who wanted to be in the class to change their scheduling and get in.

  • I would like to cancel my CCW course. Can I get a refund?

We can provide you with a store credit, on a BWSC gift card. Please make sure you can attend on the date you are scheduled.

  • I would like for my 10 year old to take the Beginning Handgun & Shotgun Clinics. Is he old enough?

Yes, you may register him for these courses. However, you will have to sign a release waiver, in order for him to take part in the course. You do not have to take the course with them.

  • I don’t have my CCW permit and have only taken the Handgun Clinic. Can I enroll in the Practical Concealed Carry course?

No. You must have taken a Ohio CCW course in order to enroll the Practical Concealed Carry training course.

  • Are your instructors certified?

Yes. All of our instructors are at a minimum, certified by the NRA, in their specific teaching disciplines.

  • Can I bring my own firearms to your courses?

Yes you may bring your own, however the instructor for the course will determine if your firearm is appropriate for the specific course you are taking. Keep in mind live ammunition is not allowed in any of our classrooms. Please speak with an instructor prior to the course, should you have any questions.

  • If I want to train for self defense in the home, what classes do you offer?

We have two courses specifically geared toward Home Defense (Home Defense Handgun & Home Defense Shotguns & Carbines). These courses are each 4 hrs in length and cost $125 per person each. They also have specific gear requirements. Home Defense Handgun: Must bring your own firearm, at least 2 magazines or speedloaders and 200 rounds of jacketed factory ammunition.

Home Defense Shotguns & Carbines: Must bring your own 12 or 20 ga. pump or semi-auto shotgun with buttstock and barrel length of 24” or less,  25 rounds of buckshot (00 - 0000). If you are bringing a carbine, you will need bring 2 magazines or stripper clips and 60 rounds of jacketed, non-steel ammunition.

You should have a working knowledge of your firearm, prior to attending these courses.

  • What types of shotgun sports training do you offer?

For those new to shotgun sports, we offer the Beginning Shotgun Clinic. This course cost $75 per person and is offered most Saturday (until winter) from 10a-12:30p. Everything you need for the course is provided for you.

Should you wish training in Skeet, Sporting Clays, or any advanced shotgun sports training, this is available by appointment through private instruction only. Please call the Outdoor Range to set an appointment.


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