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Advanced Holster Work

With Lou Ann Hamblin
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Warrior Women Mission

LouKa Tactical has a mission for their Warrior Women: “We believe that building a culture of Warrior Women is not only essential for our future, but also our responsibility to do so. We do this by providing professional training and development opportunities irrespective of occupation or status, for those women who are passionate, like-minded, and who identify with strength, courage, and true leadership.”

Black Wing is honored to host Lou Ann Hamblin and help to accomplish this mission.

"An Innovator"

“Lou Ann Hamblin is one of the finest trainers I have ever worked with. She has a keen understanding of how the human organism functions both physically and mentally and it shows in her cutting edge training programs. Lou is so much more than a firearms instructor; she is an innovator! She not only builds programs, she solves problems. She has spent her adult life training law enforcement officers and there are quite a few still alive due to her trend setting training. I am quite pleased she has decided to bring her hard learned lessons to the armed citizen arena. Listen to what she has to say… she will give you the confidence needed to PREVAIL against extreme odds”

– Dave Spaulding with Handgun Combatives, LLC

Advanced Holster Work:

Minimal classroom time will be spent to maximize range work. Participants will learn and practice a variety of concealed carry and drawing techniques to include “clandestine drawing” and multi-tasking. This will be done from the standing, kneeling and sitting positions. Participants must provide proof of “holster qualified” from an accredited instructor/organization upon registration. See Vital Pistol Skills Series.

Topics Covered: 

  • Safety rules of transitioning from unconcealed to concealed or “covert carry”
  • Participants will compare/contrast equipment and placement including clothing options
  • Participants will perform drawing and re-holstering from concealment, both open and closed garment, one and two handed drills
  • Carry and accessing additional ammunition and reloading efficiently and effectively
  • Movement to avoid getting hit
  • Tactical verbalization
Meet Lou Ann Hamblin with Louka Tactical


  • Proudly served the law enforcement profession for 22 years before retiring.
  • Master’s degree in Human Performance Technology and Instructional Design from the University of Michigan
  • For the last twenty years Lou Ann has specialized in training female officers, having trained close to 5,000 in pistol alone, and is a certified firearms and defensive tactics instructor in a variety of disciplines.
  • Conceptualized the nationally recognized Building Warrior Women® training event for women in public safety that has been publicized as the finest leadership and survival skills training for female officers in the United States.
  • Instructs internationally in the areas of instructional leadership, training for specialty units to include survival training for school resource officers, female specific, police cycling operator and train-the-trainer level classes.
  • About Louka Tactical

Class details


Pre Requisite LADIES ONLY

Students must provide proof of previous drawing from holster training. Must be able to demonstrate attentiveness, safe gun handling skills and obey range safety rules at all times. Must be able to stand and move safely without physical assistance.


  • Semi-auto centerfire handgun .380-.45 ACP
  • Inside or outside the waistband holster (subject to inspection)
  • Spare magazine and pouch(es) (speed loader recommended)
  • Closed-toe shoes, wrap around eye/ear protection
  • 200 rounds of ammunition
  • Concealment garment (pullover/button down/zipped)
  • Bring your own lunch/snacks/drinks

Offered – One time only

Class Size14 maximum

Cost – $250

Ammo200 rounds

Range8 hours


Skill LevelExperienced-Advanced


ClassroomMinimal (majority range time)

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