Drawing from Concealment

Drawing from Concealment

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Black Wing Drawing from Concealment

This course is designed to be the next step after you take your Concealed Carry course. Just having an Ohio CCW permit (or other state CCW permit) and a gun, is not enough! Black Wing's Drawing From Concealment course will provide you with the mechanics of carrying a self-defense handgun and the techniques to enable you to get to it quickly and use it effectively!

Going well beyond Ohio's required CCW curriculum, this class will better prepare you for the day-to-day reality of carrying a concealed handgun. All live fire exercises take place down range, providing for a more realistic training experience.

5-Star Facility That Is Clean & Comfortable.


What you will need:

Your Personal Firearm.
2 Magazines if using a semi automatic.
Quality Strong Side Hip or rigid IWB holster.
150 Rounds of Factory, Jacketed Ammo.

What You Will Learn:

Safe, consistent and efficient presentation from a holster.
Classroom presentation with "take-home" information booklet.
Controlled Live Fire Exercises.

Experience the exceptional. That’s not just a catch phrase. It’s our philosophy!   

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