Winter Pistol League

Winter Pistol League

Tuesday, February 18, 2020 • 5:00pm - 8:00pm


Tuesday Nights January 28 - March 3, 2020 (5p-8p)

$20 One Time Registration Fee

$12 First Run

$8 Each Additional Run

Classes: Shooting will be classed according to the sighting equipment of their handgun, and in the manner in which it is fired (rim or center). Centerfire class will be any firearm that uses centerfire cartridges. Rimfire class will be any firearm that uses rimfire cartridges. Open sights will be any sight system that does not utilize an optic or laser. Optics class will be any firearm that utilizes an optic or a laser. 

Course of Fire: Shooters will mark their targets with name, class, league week, and the run number (if paying for multiple runs in one week). Course of fire will change every week, and will not be known until the night of the league.

Positions: Unless otherwise specified, all shooting will be done from the standing off-hand position. No part of the firearm or the shooter is permitted to touch any part of the shooting booth or bench.

Banks and Make Ups:  Participants are allowed 2 banked scores and 2 make up scores.

Equipment Rules: The use of equipment like shooting gloves and eye pals is encouraged, but not required. With the purchase of BWSC ammunition, BWSC firearms may be used, for free, if needed.

Scoring: Shooters will exchange targets for scoring. No shooter may score his or her own target. Scoring will be by NRA rules, i.e. if a bullet clearly breaks the line of the next higher scoring ring, the shooter will be awarded the higher score. All scores will be reviewed by the RSO, and the decision of the RSO is final.

Safety: All basic safety rules will be observed. Pistols may be taken out of their case behind the firing line ONLY if the firearm’s action is locked open. Pistols must remain pointed downrange at all times. Violation of safety rules will result in removal from the range and a “0” score for the week.