Corporate & Fundraising Events

Corporate Events 


Richwood Bank attends Corporate Event at Black Wing

Planning a Corporate Event? 

A little effort = a powerful impression. 

Our professional event planners can customize your entire visit and handle every detail. Black Wing Shooting Center accommodates teams of any size, and as a family-run business, we will work hard to make your event an extraordinary experience you can’t wait to repeat! 

We offer:

  • Several All-inclusive packages
  • Unique Catering options
  • Meeting, Classroom & Banquet Spaces

Black Wing builds stronger teams

Black Wing is family owned and operated and we believe that is part of what makes our team so strong. We recognize we have a special opportunity to bring teams closer together through training and development of shooting skills, communication, and trust while enjoying a day out of the office. 

Newcomers Welcome & Encouraged!

While golf courses rarely encourage newcomers and have a reputation to be a boy’s club sport, we encourage everyone, regardless of experience, to try their hand at shooting. 

Fundraising Events

Planning a Fundraiser? 

We understand the care that goes into planning an event that benefits your cause and want to ensure that the experience is engaging, memorable and helps you raise money!

Above: Black Wing hosts Young Life Fundraiser Event

Above: Black Wing hosts Citgo for their 5th Annual Fundraising Event

Forget Golf!

With Sporting Clays, you will shoot a hole in one!

Unlike golf, there is no way you'd be asleep at the end of this course! In teams of 5, prepare to blast away 50-100 clay targets as you navigate around the course, moving from station to station. 

Forget Golf. With sporting clays at Black Wing, you will shoot a hole in one.

Golf Events

With Sporting Clays, you will shoot a hole in one.

Sporting Clay Events

Hole Sponsors

Station Sponsors

Sell Tickets in Teams of 4 or Individual

Sell Tickets in Teams of 5 or Individual

4-8 Hour Activity

2-3 Hour Activity

Golfers Must Provide Equipment and Skill

No Equipment or Skill Required

Golf Ball and Clubs

Shotguns and Clay Targets

9 or 18 Holes

10 or 20 Stations

Happy Hour with Prizes

Happy Hour with Prizes





Black Wing Shooting Packages



What if it rains?

Same as golf! We shoot, rain or shine!

You mentioned happy hour? May we provide alcoholic beverages?

We do allow the hosts of the events to provide alcoholic beverages, which may only be consumed by those 21 or older and only after all firearms have been secured. However, there cannot be any purchase of alcoholic beverages- it must be free for your guests.

Do you have options for Prizes? 

We also have a full retail store with lots of prize options including products such as guns, YETI, Big Green Egg, knives, accessories, etc. We also have an on-site laser engraving machine to engrave just about anything! Ask to see our “Prizes” page. 

Are there any other Amenities? 

On-site ice machine, YETI tank coolers for refreshments, cannon start, online liability waiver and so much more!



Black Wing Shooting Center offers a unique experience for our business partners and guests to enjoy a day of team building and networking when we host our annual fundraising event. Kayla and Joe's team is hospitable,
professional, and will try to fulfill your requests for a memorable event no matter how daunting or out of the norm it may seem, because they want you to have fun! It's an event that our guests and sponsors look forward to each year; our event has doubled in size because of the popularity, and we couldn't have done it without the Black Wing Shooting Center team; thank you for being awesome! 

          —Erika Lee, Varo Engineers, Corporate Fundraiser 2017