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Gather your friends and family to spend the day enjoying some of the most exhilarating and exciting shooting sports out there! Black Wing Shooting Center is proud to offer an extensive landscape equipped with state-of-the-art machines for shotgun sports on our outdoor trap shooting range, skeet shooting range, sporting clays range, and a covered pavilion for 5-stand.

Skeet Shooting Range

skeet shooting range

Two trap houses are required for the best skeet shooting range experience, a “high house” and a “low house”. High-house targets start at a point about 10 feet off the ground and move to the shooter’s right whereas low-house targets move in the opposite direction and start from about 3 feet off the ground. Using the same clay targets as trap, skeet challenges your clay target shooting skills as the targets are thrown into the air at fixed angles. The Black Wing Shooting Center skeet shooting range is an exhilarating experience!

Trap Shooting

One of the oldest shotgun shooting sports in America, trapshooting consists of a device, called a trap, that throws clay targets into the air for participants to shoot at. The trap rotates in a random sequence, giving shooters a variety of shots for practice. 

Black Wing’s trap shooting fields are a great place for beginners to start their trap shooting journey. During a round of trap, shooters line up in a row along five stations facing the trap house. A full round includes 25 clay targets and five shots from each station. Once you call “pull”, a clay target is launched from the trap house at varying angles. All shooters will take their turn trying to break the clay target until a total of five shots are taken at each of the five stations.

Black Wing offers our guests four automated skeet shooting fields to challenge your skills. With seven positions in a semicircle and an eighth position halfway between stations 1 and 7. While the two target paths remain the same, the shooting angle varies as you move stations. The targets are launched at the skeet shooting houses located at station 1 (high house) and station 7 (low house). Unlike trap where all clays are going up and away from the shooter, skeet shooting provides challenging crossers plus incoming and outgoing target flight paths.

Sporting Clays

The fastest growing venue in the clay target sports world, sporting clays was designed to stimulate a variety of field shooting situations. On a sporting clays course, the shooter is presented with targets that replicate the flight path of game birds. Laid out in natural surroundings, a sporting clays course includes 5+ shooting stations. Targets may be thrown as singles, simultaneous pairs, following pairs, or report pairs. For a more challenging drill, the target size may vary from the standard clay target. 

The 20-station sporting clays course at Black Wing Shooting Center was designed with the recreational shooter in mind. This is an ideal course to learn the sport, practice for tournaments, and work on your shot! Sporting clays appeals to all experience levels, and our course technology allows you to shoot the entire course on your own without the need for a puller or coach. 

Covered 5-Stand

5-Stand is a mixture of clay target experiences, and at Black Wing, is presented from our covered pavilion making it available year-round, rain or shine. The area offers shooters 5+ different target presentations, 5-10 standing positions, and a scorer/puller’s chair. The pavilion may also be reserved for groups looking to host an event and caters to all experience levels!

Pricing and Rentals

Pricing for shotgun shooting at Black Wing differs by sport and by membership. For full pricing information, visit the trap, skeet, sporting clays, and covered 5-stand pages on our website. Don’t own a shotgun but still looking to participate in our shotgun sports? Black Wing offers shotgun and gear rentals for members and guests! 

See You on the Shotgun Range!

Gather your family and friends to spend the day enjoying a variety of outdoor shotgun sports! Should you want to enjoy the beauty of our courses in solitude, all Black Wing’s fields are automated for ease of use when flying solo!

skeet shooting range skeet shooting range skeet shooting range

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