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Welcome to an exciting exploration of the world of specialty firearms training at the renowned Black Wing Shooting Center! In this blog, we’ll be delving into a variety of unique and intensive classes designed to equip both novice and experienced shooters with the skills and knowledge necessary to handle firearms in a safe and effective manner. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of firearms, Black Wing Shooting Center offers a diverse range of specialty firearms training courses to suit your needs and interests.

From mastering the art of Close Quarters Pistol Gunfighting to honing your skills in Defensive Shotgun and Tactical Handgun courses, Black Wing Shooting Center provides a comprehensive array of specialized classes tailored to elevate your proficiency and confidence. But it doesn’t stop there – we’ll also explore courses like Tactical First Aid, where you’ll learn essential life-saving skills under high-pressure situations, and Defensive Knife Skills for those seeking alternative self-defense strategies.

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Close Quarters Pistol Gunfighting

Pistol Gunfighting, specialty training

Join us for an advanced pistol gunfighting course that delves deep into the art of pistol fighting, taking defensive gunfighting to a whole new level. This specialized training is centered on scenarios where your attacker is dangerously close, within arms’ reach. With a startling statistic revealing that up to 50% of gunfight fatalities occur at ranges closer than five feet, mastering these close-quarters skills is invaluable. 

Throughout this course, you’ll cover essential topics such as body positioning, shooting stances, in-fight weapons access, and drawing techniques. You’ll also learn how to stop an opponent’s draw, navigate one-handed close quarters malfunction drills, access your weapon from unconventional positions, and even employ your firearm as an impact weapon. Prepare to elevate your defensive skills to a whole new level and be ready for any close-quarters encounter.

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Defensive Shotgun

firearms training

Enroll in our specialized class aimed at rapidly elevating your proficiency in using a shotgun for personal or home defense. This comprehensive course covers a range of essential topics, including the selection of the right shotgun, ammunition, and accessories tailored to your defense needs. 

In Defensive Shotgun, you’ll learn the art of buckshot patterning for optimal performance, ensuring your shotgun is highly effective in critical situations. Additionally, the class focuses on honing skills such as rapid target acquisition, techniques to minimize shotgun recoil, mastering proper shooting techniques, and efficient loading, unloading, and reloading procedures. 

Whether you’re a novice looking to develop fundamental skills or an experienced shooter aiming to refine your abilities, this class is your pathway to becoming a highly proficient shotgun user for personal and home defense scenarios.

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Tactical Handgun

firearms training

For those who have completed a basic concealed carry class (or its equivalent) and are eager to take their skills to the next level within a more realistic context, this course is the natural progression.

Our advanced training program covers a wide range of crucial topics, including advanced trigger control concepts, drawing your weapon from concealment efficiently, mastering tactical marksmanship, learning malfunction clearances under pressure, and the vital skill of shooting while on the move.

Additionally, the course emphasizes the proper utilization of cover for enhanced personal defense. Join us in this advanced training journey to refine your abilities and gain the confidence to handle real-life concealed carry situations effectively.

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Tactical First Aid and System Collapse Medicine

firearms training

Our Tactical First Aid and System Collapse Medicine course is an invaluable resource that equips students with essential skills for handling critical situations. You’ll learn how to effectively stop traumatic bleeding from gunshot and knife wounds using cutting-edge pressure bandages, tourniquets, and hemostatic agents.

The curriculum covers self-care and care under fire, along with simple patient assessment techniques. You’ll gain the knowledge to treat conditions like a sucking chest wound and tension pneumothorax, perform field fracture immobilization, and expediently immobilize a c-spine.

Additionally, the course emphasizes the ability to provide care for yourself and your family in the event of a long-term breakdown in the current system. You’ll also master wound cleaning and disinfection under field conditions, learn the injection of local anesthesia, wound closure techniques, and gain insights into types of drugs to stockpile for natural disasters, along with legal methods for acquisition. Be prepared to handle emergencies and medical crises with confidence after completing this comprehensive training.

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Defensive Knife Skills

Defensive Knife, firearms training

Our Defensive Knife Skills course provides students with essential skills to effectively utilize both folding and fixed blade knives as defensive tools to repel lethal force attacks. Designed to address real-world situations, this class introduces simple yet highly effective movements that are easy to learn, legally defensible, and perform well under stress.

Throughout the course, you’ll cover a range of critical topics, including selecting the right defensive knife, optimal carry locations, drawing and opening a folding knife under high-stress scenarios, mastering basic cutting angles and targets, and discovering three effective ways to use a knife for self-defense. Additionally, you’ll learn techniques to escape life-threatening physical attacks with a knife, seamlessly transition between knife and pistol use, and effectively employ weapon retention tactics using the knife. Equip yourself with these valuable skills to enhance your personal safety and preparedness.

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More training options at Black Wing!

For those looking to expand their firearm knowledge even further, Black Wing Shooting Center offers many other advanced courses and training. So, whether you’re eager to refine your shooting skills, enhance your self-defense abilities, or simply experience the thrill of hands-on firearms training, join us on this journey through the world of specialty firearms instruction at Black Wing Shooting Center. Get ready to unlock your potential and become a more confident and capable firearms enthusiast!

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