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Looking for a reliable firearms store in the Delaware area? The Black Wing Shooting Center retail store offers an ample stock of name brand firearms, accessories, ammunition, and many other necessities in the shooting industry. Explore options like buy, sell, trade, transfer, online retail, and a knowledgeable community of staff who are eager and willing to help. Check out these services behind the doors at Black Wing.

Shopping for your First Firearm

If you’re a beginner looking to purchase your first firearm, our team at Black Wing is here to help! Shop firearms in-store or online and explore our wide selection to find which best suits you and your needs. 

Often the first step towards responsible gun ownership is making sure you have a basic understanding of gun safety and operation. As a first time gun owner, we highly recommend you take one of the following classes at Black Wing so you can understand the basics of shooting and importance of safety when operating a firearm.


firearms store
firearms store

Intro to Handgun

This coeducational course teaches participants handgun safety, operations, terminology and the fundamentals of shooting so they can learn to safely use a semi-automatic pistol.

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Private Instruction

For those who prefer private, individualized instruction, Black Wing’s professional and experienced staff will provide you with specialized training 1-on-1 or with a small group. 

Students will have the option to designate the type of firearm they’d like to use, as well as the caliber or gauge. We’re happy to customize the training for self-defense, target, or competitive shooting. 

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Once the basics are understood, our friendly and educated retail staff will work to help you to select the best gun. After getting a feel for your needs, we will show you multiple options to see what feels the best for you. With our ranges in the same building, we can easily take you to test fire guns from our rental fleet to help you narrow down on “the one”.

The Best Customer Service

Our vision at Black Wing continues to be focused on growing the shooting sports with numerous new shooter, female and youth programs, social and fundraising events, and corporate/group outings. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with superior customer service while providing them with the best entertainment and recreation available. 

The staff at Black Wing Shooting Center is trained to understand and have a strong basis of knowledge on our stores inventory, proper firearm care, treatment, maintenance, and more so that we can give you the expert advice that fits your needs. We strive to educate our customers on everything they need to know about a weapon before they make the purchase. By doing so, we’re certain that you will leave us with the confidence and assurance that you made the right decision for you. 

Additional Services

Aside from purchasing your firearm, Black Wing offers an abundance of additional services that we feel will best support our customers in their firearms journey. These services include:

Trade, Consign, & Appraise

Black Wing offers fair pricing for anyone interested in selling or trading their firearms. Whether you’re interested in selling one firearm or an estate collection, we are here to help you. Please bring your unloaded and cased firearm(s) on your next visit and we will gladly provide you a quote and let you know how we arrived at the price. For sizable firearm collections, please contact us and arrangements can be made for us to visit your location. We also offer a Consignment service. Consignments allow you to get closer to a retail price out of your firearm than selling it to us or trading it.

Firearm Transfers

We do what we can to make your gun buying experience as easy as possible. Although it may seem convenient to make purchases online, sometimes that’s not always the case when you look at the big picture. With the absence of shipping costs and transfer fees, we may be able to save you some hard earned money. Even if we do not have what you are looking for in stock, chances are, we can get it! Plus,iIf we sell it to you, it comes with our free Lifetime Warranty!

Stop in Today!

Now that you know what to expect behind our doors at Black Wing Shooting Center, be sure to stop in and check it out for yourself! We’re proud to offer a variety of firearms, accessories, ammunition, and additional firearm services to guide you on your firearms journey. Paired with a great community and expert staff who are eager to help, we’re certain you’ll find what you’re looking for here. firearms store firearms store

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PLEASE READ: Suppressors

Products found in our online store inventory are for ordering and not necessarily always available at Black Wing. Pricing is valid for online ordering only. Our in store discounts are not available online. Should you order items from our online SilencerShop inventory, you will be contacted within 48 hours with information on how to proceed with the paperwork. Most orders take 3-4 business weeks to arrive at Black Wing, however paperwork can be started and submitted immediately. All NFA rules apply.


PLEASE READ: Shop Online

Products found in our online store inventory are for ordering and not necessarily always available at Black Wing. Pricing is valid for online ordering only. Our in store discounts are not available online. Should you order items from our online inventory, you will be contacted once your items are received and ready for transfer. Most orders take 7-10 business days to arrive at Black Wing.