General Services

Detailed Cleaning — disassembly, inspection, cleaning and lubrication

  • Standard firearms… $65*
  • NFA items (machine gun, SBR, SBS, suppressor)... $85*

      *An extra fee will be charged for excessive rust, dirt, mud and/or any cosmoline type preservatives

Inspection and Diagnosis (fee is waived if we complete the quoted   repair)... $35

Shop Rates (for work not listed elsewhere)

  • Standard firearms… $75 per hour
  • NFA items (machine gun, SBR, SBS, suppressor)... $135 per hour
  • Machine time (milling, drilling, etc…)... $135 per hour

Test Firing — $10 plus ammunition

Drill & Tap — holes in receivers/barrels for scope mounts... $25 per hole

Replace Fiber Optic — installation and fitting of fiber optic tube (included)... $15

Removal of Objects

  • Live cartridge from seized firearm... $35
  • Squib load from bore... $35


Handgun Services

Sight Installation — installation of front and rear sights, centering on slide and Loctited screws (if applicable) with free adjustment

  • If the sights are purchased from Black Wing... $20*
  • If customer provided… $40*
  • *Excludes 1911s which start at $65

      *Depending on gunsmith availability, on the spot installation  available for certain guns at no additional charge

Trigger Install – installation of drop-in trigger, polishing of trigger engagement surfaces, safety and function test

  • Polymer frame guns (ie. Glock, S&W M&P)... $50

Small Parts Jobs / Installs

  • Installation of Pearce grip extension… $5
  • Changing magazine release side… $10
  • Installing slide lock, extended magazine release, etc... $15

Barrel Install— file and/or machine to correct fitment, function test and live fire test for proper operation... starts at $75

Handgun Action Job— component polishing and lighter springs (if available) to lighten and smooth trigger pull… starts at $75

Revolver Carry Package — detail clean, trigger job, sight alignment (if applicable, and test firing… $140)


General Rifle Services

Mount & Boresight — installation of scope and rings, leveling of sight plane, setting of eye relief, Loctited screws and boresighting at simulated 100 yards... $35

Scope Ring Lapping — removal of high spots, leveling out surface of rings… ensures complete scope ring to scope contact ensuring repeatable accuracy... $35 (only available for 1” and 30mm) does not include scope mounting

Muzzle Device Installation — installation of muzzle device (ie. flash hider, muzzle brake) shimmed to correct offset, torqued to proper specification and Rocksett in place… $35

Pour Chamber Cast — to determine caliber or chamber specifications…$75

Barrel Threading — most bolt action rifles or standalone barrels… starts at $150

Bolt Action Trigger Installation — installation, tuning, and safety function check... $65


AR-15 Services

Home Build Checkup — measurement of headspace, torque checks and function check... $50

Lower Receiver Assembly — installation of lower parts kit, filing for fit if needed... $65

Upper Receiver Assembly — install barrel, handguard and gas system for proper torque and alignment with head space check… $65

Barrel Swap — switching of barrel in upper with proper barrel nut torque... $65

Trigger Installation — installation and fitting of trigger followed by safety and function check... $35

Fixed Front Sight Post Removal — cutting and filing down of A2 front sight post... $55

AR-15 Full Tune Up — detail clean, inspection and small part replacement- including detent, hammer, & trigger springs, gas rings, firing pin)... $150


Shotgun Services

Recoil Pad Installation — determine proper length of pull for individual, grind pad to proper fit on stock (includes new Kick-EEZ pad), installation ... $140

  • If stock needs shortened... additional $75

Drill & Tap for Bead (includes standard bead)... $35 per bead

Bead Replacement (includes standard brass or aluminum bead)... $15


Cowboy Action Services

Ruger Single Action, Action Job — includes a new 17 pound hammer spring, reduced power trigger return spring and polishing of all moving parts in the action …  $80*

Colt & Colt Clone Single Action, Action Job — includes new reduced power mainspring, reduced power wire type sear/bolt spring, extra power base pin latch and stainless ejector spring… $100*

Lever Action Rifle, Action Job — polishing of all engagement surfaces inside of action in order to slick up gun... $75*

*Firearm must be completely clean (includes inside of action, not just barrel and cylinder) in order for us to do an action job.  All dirty firearms will be subject to an additional $35 parts cleaning fee.

Short stroke kits available for some models. Please ask us for more information.

Spring kits available for Marlin lever action, Rossi 92, and Stoeger coach models.  Please ask us for more information.

Power Custom Free Spin Pawl Installation for Ruger Single Action — installation, fitting and timing of the pawl (included) with a final polish to provide smooth operation... $100


If what you are looking for is not listed, please ask

Rush fee for 2 business day turnaround (pending parts availability) is an additional $50

Parts are not included unless stated otherwise.