Meet Our Gunsmiths


Jordan’s passion for repairing all things mechanical began at a very young age; working on cars, farm equipment, appliances, and more.  His enthusiasm for firearms began around the same time and he hasn’t looked back since.  He naturally progressed into repairing firearms as a teenager.  Jordan began his college career as a mechanical engineering major and eventually re-focused and earned his degree in Gunsmithing at the Colorado School of Trades in Denver.  He completed over 2,000 hours of formal training in such areas as machining, welding, wood and synthetic stock work, diagnostics and repair.  His education emphasized precision and accuracy, involving machining tools to a 0.0005 tolerance.  Jordan became a member of the Black Wing team in 2014 and has been working diligently to create a 5-star Gunsmithing Department.  He is continually updating his training, with factory certifications from Glock, Smith & Wesson, and many more.  During his time at Black Wing, he has proven his expertise in diagnostics and repair, and his ability to provide services from basic function repair to rebuilding and refinishing firearms. 


Steve has had a lifetime of firearm use, repair, and diagnosis.  His love of firearms began as a young child.  He carried this passion in to the US Army when he enlisted at age 17 as an armor crewman.  He spent 5 years on active duty for our country, including serving in Vietnam, before deciding to work for the Department of Defense.  During his time with the DOD, Steve was responsible for weapons testing and development for the US Army, determining the viability of current and new firearms.  In layman’s terms, he was the guy that decided if a gun was suitable for combat use.  Steve tested everything from pistols and rifles to grenades, rockets, and the monstrous 30mm Vulcan Gatling Gun.  During his time with the US Army, he achieved an impressive number of certifications and completed training in weapon systems repair of numerous platforms; including the M240 and M249 SAW, M16, M4, M9 pistol, M242 bushmaster 25mm, MK19, MOD-3 machine gun, and the M2 “ma deuce” machine gun.  He has more recently completed factory repair courses from Heckler & Koch, Smith & Wesson, and Glock.  When Steve joined the Black Wing team as a gunsmith in 2007, his experience and knowledge of firearm diagnosis and repair became an unbelievably valuable asset to our Gunsmithing Department.