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Interactive range + Lounge

Check out Black Wing's Newest Experience!

Enjoy a New Interactive Style Range

An Elevated Handgun Shooting Experience

In true Black Wing style, we have elevated the handgun shooting experience by providing new shooters with the ultimate goal to strive for, and experienced shooters a new and exciting way to enjoy the shooting sports. We are dedicating this range to pistol caliber firearms, and shooters still use live ammunition!

Total Lanes

Handgun calibers only.
Two shooters per lane.

25+ Scenarios

Choose from static targets, training, or exciting games. 

Live Ammunition

Hone your skills while using real ammunition.

Climate Controlled

Clean, comforatable, and climate controlled.


Lane Fee

  • Two people max per lane
  • Members- FREE for first person on the lane, $15 for nonmember guest on the same lane
  • Members- FREE if both shooters are members
  • Non-members- $25 for first person on the lane, $15 for the second
  • Reservations are made in one-hour time blocks
  • First-come, first-serve option available

Handgun Rental

  • $15 for the first, $10 each add’l (plus ammo)
  • Black Wing ammunition must be used in rental guns
  • *Must be 21 or older to rent.

Suppressed Handgun Rental

  • $20 each (plus ammo)
  • *Must be 21 or older to rent.

Ear & Eye Protection

  • Must provide or purchase

Range Rules

Experience level: This range is not for beginners. Shooters must have some firearm experience to shoot on this range unless accompanied by a Black Wing trainer.

  • Children must be 10 years or older to shoot on the range. All minors under the age of 18 must have a minor waiver filled out by their parent or guardian and must come accompanied by their parent or guardian, or an assigned escort.
  • Pregnant women will not be allowed on the indoor range, for health reasons.
  • Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times.
  • A maximum of two people are allowed per shooting position.
  • Steel, armor piercing, tracer, military surplus, and unjacketed ammunition are prohibited. Ammunition will be inspected and tested by the Range Officers. Repeated violation of this rule will result in permanent barring from the range.
  • Uncased firearms must be kept at the firing line, at all times. Case and uncase them at the line only.
  • Only load your firearm when you are on the firing line, keeping your finger off of the trigger and the muzzle pointed downrange. Keep actions open when not shooting.
  • No handgun drawing from a holster is allowed.
  • If you have a malfunction or a jam that you cannot clear, lay the firearm on the bench while keeping the muzzle pointed downrange, and ask the Range Officer for assistance. Never remove a jammed or malfunctioning firearm from the range without prior approval from the Range Officer.
  • Never extend any part of your body forward of the firing line for any reason.



Reservations may be made up to one week in advance, and initial lane fees must be purchased at the time of reservation. Guest fees are paid upon arrival. Reservation fees are nonrefundable if canceled. Only two people per lane on the interactive range. Range also available first-come, first-serve (pending availability).

Additional details provided in confirmation email.

If you are interested in reserving lanes for 6 or more people more than one week in advance, please contact us directly (contact form below) to make this arrangement.

Take A Virtual Tour

A Brand New Lounge

Gather and Enjoy

The Interactive range is connected to a brand new, comfortable lounge where we imagine people of similar interests will gather and with the viewing window into the range, bystanders may watch and join in on the fun. Our vision for this space is to provide a safe and fun environment for experienced shooters to expand their shooting capabilities and spread the joy of the shooting sports with others.

This lounge combined with the range may be rented for groups of 40 or less for gatherings of all types!

Range + Lounge + Range Officer- $325/hour

Lounge Additional Hour- $100/hour

All-inclusive packages available. Please inquire below.


Interested in Renting the Interactive Range and Lounge for a Group?

Please complete the form below.


Mark all that apply.
Please provide as much detail as possible including: group size, ideal dates, general experience level, type of event, etc.

I’m very impressed with the interactive live fire technology which provides feedback on my target success. Seeing the hits on the target provides intuitive feedback that lets me know how well I’m doing. The technology also provides users interactive games and competition with other shooters and that’s something you can’t do on a static range.

The lounge is impressive. Upon entering, you notice the open and clean inviting environment. There is comfortable seating and plenty of room to relax between shooting sessions. This setup will be a valuable space for small to medium sized groups and would support corporate outings as well.

Overall, the new range is right on target. I plan to utilize this often going forward.

Michael M.

Sign Range Waiver +

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Products found in our online store inventory are for ordering and not necessarily always available at Black Wing. Pricing is valid for online ordering only. Our in store discounts are not available online. Should you order items from our online inventory, you will be contacted once your items are received and ready for transfer. Most orders take 7-10 business days to arrive at Black Wing.