Are you new to clay target shooting? Then Black Wing’s Trap shooting fields are a great place to start! During a round of Trap, shooters line up in a row along five stations facing the trap house. A full round of Trap includes 25 clay targets, five shots from each of the five stations. Trap shooting is a great sport for getting “into the zone” and taking your mind off everything else for the next 25 shots!

Get focused and call “pull” and a clay target is launched from the trap house at one of three angles. Take your shot and try to break the clay target. Then other shooters take their turn, until a total of five shots are taken at each of the five stations.


$5.50 per 25 targets (Member)
$9 per 25 targets (Non-Member)

Shotgun Rental
$15 each

Shell Pouch Rental
$1 each

Eye & Ear Protection Rental
$1 each

Shotgun Patterning Board
$1.25 per target 



Range Rules

  1. Long gun shooters under 18 years of age must have the approval of, and be accompanied by, a parent or guardian at all times while on the range.
  2. Always keep your firearm unloaded, your finger off of the trigger, and the gun pointed in a safe direction until ready to shoot.
  3. Never pass a loaded firearm to another person.
  4. Always keep the action of your shotgun OPEN when walking to the field and in between shooting stations. Only move with an unloaded shotgun with the action open.
  5. Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times on the outdoor ranges.
  6. Never shoot on a field when an orange cone is on top of the trap house or when a skeet house door is open.
  7. Do not load your shotgun until it is your turn to shoot. Unload immediately if a Range Officer tells you to do so or if another shooter has a malfunction.
  8. Only load ONE (1) shell at a time on the trap field. You may load two shells only when on the skeet, or sporting clays fields, or when shooting trap doubles. Any exceptions must be cleared with the Range Officer prior to shooting
  9. If unsafe behavior is noticed, please make sure that the Range Officer is notified of such behavior immediately.
  10. Commands issued by any Range Officer must be followed immediately. Range Officers are authorized to remove any shooter whose behavior is detrimental to the safe operations of any of the ranges.