Home Defense Seminar

Home Defense Seminar

Take your self-defense preparedness to the next level with Black Wing’s Home Defense seminar where you’ll be provided with many things to consider when preparing your home for a defensive situation. 

Topics include:

- Firearm selection- the differences between handgun, shotgun, and rifle for home defense

- Ammunition selection and concerns for each

- Layers of property to consider for protection

- Developing your home defense plan

- Tools such as flash light, med kit, phone

- Understanding of cover vs. concealment

- In-home defense tactics

- How to educate your family

- Last hour for Q&A

Pre Requisite None
Classroom 3 hours
Range None
Equipment None
Ammo None
Offered Semi-Annually
Class Size 20 people
Cost $25

We have made some changes to our training classes in an effort to follow CDC guidelines; your health and safety are our priority. We plan to incorporate the following changes:
  • Instructors will have a health assessment before entering the classroom.
  • Instructors will maintain social distancing from students.
  • All items students touch will be sanitized beforehand.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant will be provided for students to use as they see necessary through the entirety of the class.
  • Students are encouraged to take their temperature before coming to class. If you feel ill or have a high temperature, please stay home. We will waive any rescheduling fees and place you into another class once you recover.

Thank you for your understanding.