Vital Pistol Skills Level 1

Vital Pistol Skills Level 1

In this class, we build a solid base of proper grip, stance/body alignment, firearm manipulation and above all- safe habits. Before taking this course, be sure you are properly equipped with the items below. 

Topics Covered:

- Review pistol fundamentals/safe handling

- Working from high-ready positions

- Clearing malfunctions and reload practice

- Defensive style manipulations

- Target recognition drills



Pre Requisite Basic knowledge of centerfire handgun
Classroom 30-45 mins
Range 2.25-2.5 hours
Equipment Own semi-auto centerfire handgun or revolver, two-three mags and mag pouches (speed loaders for revolver), firearm case
Ammo 250 rounds
Offered Once per month
Class Size 14 maximum
Cost $75