Vital Pistol Skills Level 2

Vital Pistol Skills Level 2

In level 2, students achieve muscle memory, a higher level of proficiency and a greater understanding of their chosen handgun by introducing holster usage. We recommend students obtain their Concealed Carry license before signing up for this course. 

Topics Covered:

- Incorporate holster usage (outside waistband only)

- Speed reloads and safe reholstering

- Ready-up drills, presenting firearm at speed

- Defensive shooting techniques

- Recognition & engagement of targets/threats

- Build muscle memory



Pre Requisite Vital Pistol Level 1, Concealed Carry Course, or call for consultation
Classroom 30-45 mins
Range 2.5 hours
Equipment Own semi-auto centerfire handgun or revolver, two-three mags and mag pouches, (speed loaders for revolver), firearm case, strong-side outside waistband holster, sturdy belt
Ammo 250 rounds
Offered Once per month
Class Size 14 maximum
Cost $75

We have made some changes to our training classes in an effort to follow CDC guidelines; your health and safety are our priority. We plan to incorporate the following changes:
  • Instructors will have a health assessment before entering the classroom.
  • Instructors will maintain social distancing from students.
  • All items students touch will be sanitized beforehand.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant will be provided for students to use as they see necessary through the entirety of the class.
  • Students are encouraged to take their temperature before coming to class. If you feel ill or have a high temperature, please stay home. We will waive any rescheduling fees and place you into another class once you recover.

Thank you for your understanding.