Serving All Experience Levels

Black Wing Shooting Center offers a full array of training courses for all experience levels. Whether you already shoot handguns, rifles or shotguns, or you are completely new to the shooting sports; our professional staff of NRA certified instructors will assist you in meeting your training goals.

Ohio CCW, Beginning Handgun & Shotgun Training and More

Our training courses are not just limited to courses with firearms, such as the Ohio CCW course or beginning handgun, rifle and shotgun courses. We also provide training in non-lethal self defense and edged weapons several times annually.

Use Our Equipment or Bring Your Own

Most of our group courses provide everything you need in order to enjoy your course of interest. You do not need your own firearm for our beginner courses, nor do you need your own firearm to take our Ohio CCW (Ohio Concealed Carry). You are more than welcome to use ours. Please see specific course detail for this information.

What Do You Want To Learn?

Are you interested in learning to shoot a handgun, rifle or shotgun but don’t know where to begin? Did you receive a firearm as a gift that you are unfamiliar with? Would you like to learn how to efficiently and effectively use a firearm for self defense, whether at home or in public? Do you want to get your Ohio Concealed Carry permit? Are looking for the best place to take your Ohio CCW course? Are you already proficient with a firearm and seek more advanced training? Would you like to hit 25 out of 25 clay targets on the trap or skeet field but can’t seem to reach the magic number? Would you like to improve your target shooting skills?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we have several group courses to pique your interest, depending on your level of experience. Call or e-mail Black Wing Shooting Center now and ask for someone in the Training Department. We can help you get where you want to be!


Ohio CCW Dates

  • Ohio CCW
    Sunday, Mar. 8th
    Time: 9a-9:30p

    Sunday, Mar. 15th
    Time: 9am-9:30pm

    Ohio CCW - 10 Hour
    Saturday, Mar. 28th
    Time: 10a - 8:30p

Handgun Courses