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Black Wing offers the highest caliber Ohio concealed carry (CCW classes) around. Our highly qualified CCW instructor’s in-depth knowledge of gun safety and defensive shooting skills will ensure you have a great start on your concealed carry training. We guarantee you’ll leave Black Wing with the knowledge and understanding you need to be set up for success! Your safety and your family’s safety are extremely important to us and we refuse to cut corners when we are talking about your self defense training.

Please advise, pregnant women will not be allowed on the indoor range, for health reasons.

For more information on Ohio CCW Laws, click here.

Signing up for Black Wing CCW classes means you will gain the skills and knowledge to defend yourself and your loved ones. We are not in the business of “Minimum Requirements”. We want to give you the most value for your money so we go well beyond the basics required by the state. No matter your shooting experience, everyone is welcome to learn something new in our Ohio concealed carry course, although we do recommend students take an introductory class to ensure they get the most out of the experience. We keep our courses to a manageable size because you deserve personal attention when dealing with your personal safety!

Black Wing also hosts a Concealed Carry Law Seminar several times per year for only $25 per student. Click here to find out more and sign up.

"I felt very Comfortable"

Thank you for a very well ran, knowledge intense CCW class.  Being a beginner I was nervous that all others would be very experienced handgun operators.  The class is set up so that the level of experience does not matter so my wife and I felt very comfortable.  We both look forward to taking future classes at Black Wing!!!

Kelly Montgomery



Black Wing’s Concealed Carry Classes (CHL/CCW Classes) are unmatched in value. In our Concealed Carry (CCW/CHL) class you will be introduced to defensive shooting, based upon an intuitive shooting program designed to help you become a more efficient shooter in the context of an ambush situation.

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  • A free range pass for the next 30 days to practice your shooting skills. This saves you $25 per visit.
  • You may bring your own firearm or choose any of our defensive caliber firearms (.380ACP, 9MM, 40SW or 45ACP)
  • Ammunition supplied (please do not bring any)
  • Quality instruction in Black Wing’s high-tech, comfortable classrooms
  • Temperature controlled indoor shooting ranges, with multi-stage HEPA Air Filtration system, ensuring you’re comfortable while earning your Concealed Carry Permit.
Ohio Concealed Carry


After completing our Ohio concealed carry course you will receive a FREE trial Lead Slinger membership for 30 days, which includes:


  • Free indoor range time Tuesday through Sunday, for a month!
  • Bring up to two guests to shoot on the same lane for only $5
  • Special member pricing on range ammo
  • Express Check-In line on the indoor range
  • Free Archery Range privileges
ccw classes

Class details


Pre Requisite21 or Older


Skill LevelBeginner or Intermediate

Equipment – Provided if needed


Classroom – 6 hours + 30 min lunch break

Range – 2 hours

AmmoProvided (please do not bring your own)

Offered – Weekly

Class Size – 21

Cost – $165

Upcoming Courses

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I attended the Ohio Concealed Carry class with Mr. Ben C Owens. He explains logically and I was able to grasp the basic knowledge during the class. Also, as part of the program, he instructed the range training. I appreciate his thorough instruction of handling guns. Thank you, Ben!

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Explore other Black Wing training classes here, or if in-class training isn’t for you, click here to learn more about private instruction.

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